The Monster Pruck!

You may ask yourself, "Hmmm, what exactly is a Pruck?" I'm hear to set the record straight and give you a bit more info about this much loved object of my affection.

Financial independence in 4 Steps

Recently, I had a friendly reader ask a few questions about getting started in a "Save Me" kind of life and she asked how to get started. Here's an imitation of her explanation of her current situation and some of her goals.

One Person's Trash is Another's Treasure

What does chic ergonomic wooden chairs, an excellent pair of folding director-style chairs, a deck bin, and a sturdy laundry table have in-common? Let's gather round and share one idea for saving cash.

Stop Spending SO Much

Is it just me or does everyone find a disproportionate part of their self-worth in the material possessions they own or the services they purchase?

Do you fear earning into a higher tax bracket?

Stop me if you've heard this story. Your local yokel is talking about how s/he wouldn't recommend taking a promotion because it will push you into a higher tax bracket. I'm hear to set the record straight and provide some examples of exactly how this works.

Who are we?

A natural question you might have is "Who are you guys, anyway?" Fair enough. Let me give you a bit of background of who we are.

Relax bro...

Money changes people. I found myself shocked at how much it changed my brother's otherwise fun-loving and relaxed behavior recently.

Are we there yet?

Life is a strange and wonderful journey. I found myself reflecting on why I wanted to start this blog and the story starts a while ago.